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Waste water treatment

Global wastewater treatment system can be custom designed to serve many applications.

The Global system biologically processes domestic wastewater from homes in small communities

Or subdivisions, hotels, resorts, factories, condominiums, prisons, mobile home parks, shopping

Centers, schools, truck stops, service stations, restaurants and other applications where city sewer

Lines are absent.

Features and benefits

  • Tank protection:
  • Galvanized by warm immersion
  • Epoxic melaminic paint
  • Cathodic protection with magnesium annods.

System-wide benefits

  • Complete plant with all components shipped in a  container.
  • Global’s pre-engineered system is easily assembled on a concrete slab by local labor.
  • Operation and maintenance costs are minimal.
  • Odors are eliminated.
  • Lifetime of more than 20 years is common.
  • Easily expended for future needs.

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