Turkey Breeding

In this type of housing, we are raising the male turkeys separated from the females, using an artificial insemination.

In the female housing unit, we are preparing the females for inseminations in the lower area, from which they can get back to their main house through an installed slop.

The equipment in the house includes:

Pan feeding system ATF (Adult Turkey Feeder); Bell shaped drinkers no’ three; Laying nests (Manual or automatic).

The house itself is made of open sheds equipped along with side-curtains, to provide the right conditions for the birds.

Commercial Turkeys

Commercial turkeys are being raised in two stages:

Rearing House

At this step, we are using same type of construction as for the broiler. Equipment includes:

Feeding systems 

Includes Hopper Bins and Flex Auger. Feeding lines is using H-2 Pans or Revolution 8 Pan. Remark: Expansion of Revolution 8 Pan here or at its own page?

Watering systems

The water supply in the rearing house is made in either Bell Shaped Drinkers no. 2, or by Nipple Drinkers, equipped with special added object designed for turkeys. .

Heating system

In order to insure right temperatures for the turkey chicks, we are using special Heaters or Gas Brooders with limiting circles. Air Inlets and Fans.

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