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Feeders & Silos & Augers

Feeding system

The feed Hopper Bin, produced by C.T. insures long life to the equipment. The hopper bins installed outside the house, and a Flex Auger conveyor leads the feed inside. The size of the hopper bin is determined by the quantity and the period we want to stock the feed.

The flex auger is made out of PVC tubes, while the auger itself is made out of steel. The size of it is determined by quantity of feed we plan to deliver in given time.

In order to raise broilers we use one of the following: C-2+S, H-2, and others. We select the type of pans needed in accordance with the farmer and his desires.

Pan C-2+ (or Pan C-2+S) is a pan that operates once it reaches the floor. It is then opened to enable free flow of feed for chicks, conveniently, thru side-windows. When the pan is lifted, so is the windows latching, and the feed starts to flow from an opening at the pans bottom cone, an outlet that can be regulated easily. In this way, we prevent feed loss in one hand, and let chicks eat in convenient way on the other.

The H-2 Pan is very convenient for chicks. When at the first period we allow chicks to eat from the side-windows, at the second period they are allowed to eat from under the cone. The special design of the pan prevents feed loss. In this pan feeder, there is no grill, so birds can eat freely.

Feeding Tubes:

We supply feeder tubes with flippers all along the tube. These flippers strengthening the tube and facilitate the adjustment of the system. The system insures longer life for the equipment.

We can supply the tube in three different lengths, of 9′, 10′ and 12′, with varsity of pans in order to optimize the equipment to the chicks, and according to the size of the building.

At the feeding line starting position, or at the middle, we should install a hopper that will stock the feed designated for the line. The hoppers’ volume is determined by the birds’ needs. This hopper would be filled within operation, while the birds are eating.

At the end of each line, we shall install a control unit that would stop the auger from moving when all of the pans are filled. The height of the feeding line is adjusted by either manual or electric lifting system, according to the birds needs.

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