Free Range Layers

Those houses designated for the production of consumption eggs form free layers. (Not inhabited in cages)

Feeding Systems

We provide two different free range systems.

The first is free layers inside a closed henhouse.


The second is free layers with possible access out to the henhouses’ back yard.

In both cases, we provide a feeding system that consists of one of three: Pan Feeders H-2, Feed Hopper Bins and Flex Auger, the best solution we offer for this type of bird, due to the fact that there is neither grill on the pan nor any waste inside. One pan will supply feed for 30-40 layers.

Quantity of feeding lines and pans is subject to the amount of birds inhabiting the henhouse.

Drinking Systems

We are using one of the following systems:

Bell Shaped Drinker or Nipple Drinkers – Produced by Plasson, Val or Chore-Time.

In any case we shall supply the requested drinker type, according to the clients’ needs.

Laying Nests

These are installed in the henhouse in order to insure that hens would lay in controlled environment, not in dark hidden places.

We are supplying laying nests that will attract the hens and avoid defects on the eggs. (Cracks, Dirt)

We can offer different options but we recommend Manual Egg Collecting system. The system includes metal cages integrated with wooden sheds. Those nests are produced by Nili Metal Works.

Another good solution is produced by Jansen Holland: Automatic Laying Nests. This system includes water resistant plywood, which would insure good laying conditions and collecting the eggs much simpler, by leading the lain eggs straight to a table or a packing machine. In addition, having a free-range system is efficient due to the fact we can lodge more hens in the house, since many of the hens will spend most of the day outdoors.

Jansen’s aviary systems will insure:

  • Better animal welfare.
  • Maximized number of birds.
  • Birds are performing natural behavior.
  • Most efficient usage per meter of the house.
  • Better environmental conditions.
  • Manure treatment by choice: removal or drying.
  • Applicable with sheltered and free ranged birds.
  • This unique concept consists of several comfort-3 aviary systems with integrated nests, installed at different levels. All systems provide plastic slats, manure belts and manure drying systems.
  • The system can operate with a chain feeder or a pan feeding system.
  • The system provides an excellent combination of optimum welfare to the birds and good working conditions to the breeder.

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