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Water Systems

Water supply:

The water supply to broilers is being delivered by either Nipple Drinkers or by Bell Shaped Drinkers. Their quantity is determined along with the amount of birds being raised.

Nipple drinkers are being supplied from Chore time or Val or, decided by the farmer. Bell shaped drinkers are being supplied from Plasson.


The main water line runs into the house from the outside, by either of these two options:

1.    Water reservoir, mounted on top of a water tower. In this option, we are holding to large quantities of water at any given time to insure correct supply to the house. The reservoir is automatically filled while the birds are drinking.

2.    Flow supply directly from the main line, passing through a regulation system. We still have some reservoirs on the floor, in order to have secured water supply. A pump would automatically start working if water were not flowing from the main water line. 

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